Westville Historical Organization

Our Building: Construction on the history center took place from 2004 to 2006.

The old Zombie Bar and Grill which stood north of the present history center, was first considered as a renovation for the WHO's headquarters. After an estimate of $25,000 to stabilize the foundation, it was decided to forget about that building and go with a new one. Members Bob and Irma Miller Gleason gave us a $7,000 challenge to raise the rest of the funds for new construction. We accepted the challenge and began the process. Sadly, before the building was finished, Irma died quite suddenly. In her memory and with appreciation we have named our research area the Irma Miller Gleason Memorial Genealogy Collection. The Town of Westville granted the WHO a 99 year lease on this beautiful land that gracefully slopes to the Salmon River. The WHO hopes to raise enough money or apply for grants (scarce in this day and age) to clean up and revamp the land into a park. Included would be a handicap access ramp, a walking path, a gazebo and a pole pavilion with picnic tables. It was cut with a brush hog one year but quickly grew up again if not maintained.
Member Vincent Boyea used his farm tractor to clear up the brush the first year in order to decide if the area was worth cleaning up permanently. Lot lines and other legal details needed to be worked out with the town before serious consideration could be given to this project -- but it is a big dream the WHO board hopes could come true. June 30, 2004 - Board member Rod Dustin and son, Michael, are busy on the WHO building site.
Stark's Gravel brought enough loads of sand to prepare the site. WHO Treasurer Judy Cushman Stark, and her husband, Howard, are owners of the business and assisted the WHO tremendously with prep materials. Rod Dustin, left, and Frank Goddard, empty barrels of rain water before getting on with the day's work at the history center.
Myron Brady, left, and Rod Dustin work cutting up boards for the building. In the background can be seen the Ferris/Wylie farm, across the Salmon River. A beautiful flock of Canadian geese flew overhead as we worked on the building the first fall.
Making progress -- WHO Founder's Committee member Myron Brady, left, and WHO Board member Rod Dustin put the finishing touches on the gable end of the building. With walls, roof, and windows in place, it was time to work on the inside.
Dustin, one of the many workers who helped build the history center, stayed busy putting up sheetrock. Finished and well used, the history center is a welcoming place. Official dedication of the building took place in 2006.

Addition to Our Building: Construction of an archival storage room attached to the history center began in the winter of 2013.